Personal Cognexity

Cognexity helps you to track your individual changes in cognitive functioning as you age. Your Personal Cognexity Circumplex provides a way for you to see, measure, change and manage your thinking and decision making. This is important in both your work and personal life.  From a work perspective, maintaining understanding of your role rquirements and upskilling as the world of work continues to evolve.  From a personal perspective, retaining control over your finances and retirement planning. Assessing yourself on an annual basis willl give you an indication of where your cognitive function is beginning to decline and at what rate.  Taking appropriate action and making lifestyle changes can help to maintain a healthy level of cognitive function for longer.

Critical Cognition

Understanding your individual cognitive capacity can assist in ensuring that you maintain a level of functioning that allows you to continue to perform your work at the level you desire.

Key Cognitive Functions

The key cognitive functions we test are Working Memory, Executive Function, Processing Speed, Attention and Memory Resonance.  These are all areas known to decline with age.

Personal Risk Management

Ensuring you can still make the key decisions required by your job is important.  Perhaps even more important is your ability to continue to make life decisions effectively as you age.

Peace of Mind

As we age and are likely to live a long life, it is even more critical to ensure that we are aware of our cognitive functioning and are able to notice small incremental changes, changes that can accumulate unnoticeably unless you are measuring this regularly.

Personal Performance Review

Individuals are invited to complete a comprehensive assessment battery that measures the following attributes – wellbeing, emotional intelligence, motivation, personality derailers and cognitive capacity.  This program involves a combination of online assessments and face to face activities, as well as a comprehensive report and feedback session with a registered psychologist with extensive experience working with managers at all levels of an organisation.

Assessments include validated assessment tools benchmarked against relevant populations.  Individual results are also interpreted in the context of the individual’s current work and personal circumstances in a confidential setting to ensure that interventions are tailored appropriately.

Assessment time is approximately 3 hours, of which most of this is completed online.  Once these have been completed, the manager will meet with one of our experienced psychologists to complete some supervised assessments and discuss the results.  Ongoing coaching sessions are also available should the manager wish to continue discussing their development and wellbeing journey.  Re-assessment of cognitive performance is also recommended in 12-18 months’ time to track individual changes in cognitive capacity typically experienced as we age.

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