Executive Cognexity

Cognexity helps you to track the cognitive capacity of the Senior Leaders in your business so that they can continue to drive engagement, innovation, and performance. 

The Executive Cognexity Circumplex provides a way for you to see, measure, change and manage the thinking and decision making styles proven to drive the performance of key individuals in your business whose decisions can have a significant impact upon the sucess of your organisation.

Your Executive Team and Board are critical and as such should track changes in their cognitive capacity as they age to ensure that they are still capable of making the significant decisions expected of them.

Business Cognexity

Managers and supervisors have such a significant impact on those around them and thereby on the culture and performance of their organisation.

As such their development is critical to achieving business objectives, high employee engagement and overall organisational performance. 

Our assessment solutions help your organisation identify the relationship between a Manager’s/Supervisor’s cognitive capacity, operational insight and decision making behaviours that can have repercussions for both the indivdual’s reporting to them as well as other key stakeholders.

Occupational Cognexity

It is not only supervisors, managers and executives whose decisions can have a significant impact on business outcomes.  Highly qualified individuals whose expertise is sought after are often responsible for making decisions that can impact upon the success of an organisation, for example, through managing safety risk or identifying financial risk. They are not necessarily leading others but they have a significant accountability within their organisation.  Understanding their current cognitive functioning capacity should be part of your organisation’s people risk management strategy.

Personal Cognexity

Cognexity helps you to track your individual changes in cognitive functioning as you age. Your Personal Cognexity Circumplex provides a way for you to see, measure, change and manage your thinking and decision making. This is important in both your work and personal life.  From a work perspective, maintaining understanding of your role rquirements and upskilling as the world of work continues to evolve.  From a personal perspective, retaining control over your finances and retirement planning. Assessing yourself on an annual basis willl give you an indication of where your cognitive function is beginning to decline and at what rate.  Taking appropriate action and making lifestyle changes can help to maintain a healthy level of cognitive function for longer.

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