Cognexity challenged decades of academic tradition and criticism to become the first to demonstrate the impact of Cognitive disorder on organisational success, pioneering the use of cognitive and personality assessments to improve workplace performance.


Cognexity leads the world in cognitive and personality assessments focusing on leadership performance at a Board and Executive Level through to Occupation Level Assessments where it impacts on Safety and Risk exposure.


Grounded in more than four decades of validated research, Cognexity has the only assessments that were the first to scientifically measure cognitive decline and the impacts on personality and business.


Led by a talented team of highly talented, credentialed and skilled people we maintain a key standard by hiring people who have the credentials and experience in our products and who embrace our philosophy of trust and dedication to emphasize a positive company culture.


Over the last decade, we’ve experienced rapid growth in our employee base and global distributorship. Our new headquarters in Sydney, Australia and our new base in Lake Garda, Italy accommodates our global workforce in a state-of-the-art space to educate and entertain partners and clients from around the world.


We built the Cognexity brand on prestige and quality. While other providers have merged with large corporations, Cognexity stands alone as the last of the true independents. Cognexity remains a global industry leader because of our bold commitment to make a difference in people lives.


Cognexity has a robust distributor network across the world. We stand united with our global partners as we work toward the common goal of improving the global workforce health and productivity. We’re dedicated to playing a vital role to your organisation’s success, and we want to share our story with you. Connect with us through social media or send us a message to learn more about Cognexity or becoming a part of our team.

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