Occupational Cognitive Index OCI

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As the scope and reach of Occupational Cognitive Index studies and the related fields have increased, there has been an indecisive understanding on the technological jargon’s that encompasses under its banner.  When we think about the different types of learning’s such as Mental Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Text Mining, Speech Recognition, neural networks, cognitive adaptive technology being a few we often see the interchangeably of occupational experiential learning and quite distinctive mental capacity changes against their objectives and approaches.

Cognexity brings an understanding on how Occupational Cognitive Index’s (OCI’s) closely associates the underlying idea between the two key factors. By utilizing diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytics tools, Cognexity’s Occupational Cognitive Index Assessments Frameworks observes, learns, offers insights and suggestions  against the individuals ability to perform key occupational actions.  It has been used in sectors such as mining, banking, engineering, government, utilities, infrastructure, transport and logistics, healthcare, media and entertainment industry as a means to managing Cognitive performance for individuals.

The team at Cognexity performs Full Organisational Reviews against the Occupational Cognitive Index to ensure your key risks and key people are identified and monitored for cognitive performance.

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