Wellness is the state of being in good health in all aspects of our lives. Cognexity measures the key elements on a week by week basis, which accurately reflects employees’ everchanging wellbeing.

Cognexity compares your score against companies across the globe, so you can understand how the health of your business compares to the best. Personalised content on your corporate dashboard delivers best practice ideas to transform your culture.

Cognexity delivers real time insights to your corporate dashboard, keeping you abreast of improvements and changes in your Work related performance. Whilst Indepth reporting is your ‘access all areas’ to the health of your business and its people.

Instantaneous, unfiltered feedback will help you establish a culture of wellness and place you at the forefront of becoming a best employer.


Mental health is an increasingly important topic in the workplace. It is estimated that, at any point in time, one in six working age people will be suffering from mental illness, which is associated with very high personal and economic costs. Mental illness is one of the leading causes of sickness absence and long-term work incapacity in Australia and is one of the main health related reasons for reduced work performance. Individuals with mental health problems, and their caregivers, are some of the most stigmatised and marginalised groups in the workplace and often miss out on the many benefits good work can offer.

There is increasing evidence that workplaces can play an important and active role in maintaining the mental health and well-being of their workers. Every business has a legal and moral responsibility to provide a safe and fair workplace. Creating a mentally healthy workplace has many benefits for both employers and employees. A well designed workplace should support individual mental health and lead to reduced absenteeism, increased employee engagement and improved productivity.

Reviews generally identify several risk and protective factors that may contribute to the level of mental health in the workplace. Traditionally, discussions around workplace mental health have focused on how a few specific aspects of a job may cause mental health problems. Cognexity programs additionally considers the role of factors at the level of work teams, organisational factors, aspects of home/work conflict and the potential role of individual level risk factors. We also identify work factors that can enhance workers’ mental health and psychological resilience.

Cognexity Programs are evidence-based risk and protective focused where factors identified at each level include:

  • The design of the job – demands of the job, control in the work environment, resources provided, the level of work engagement, the characteristics of the job and potential exposure to trauma
  • Team/group factors – support from colleagues and managers, the quality of interpersonal relationships, effective leadership and availability of manager training
  • Organisational factors – changes to the organisation, support from the organisation as a whole, recognising and rewarding work, how justice is perceived in an organisation, a psychosocial safety climate, positive organisational climate, and a safe physical environment
  • Home/work conflict – the degree to which conflicting demands from home, including significant life events, interfere with work
  • Individual biopsychosocial factors – genetics, personality, early life events, cognitive and behavioural patterns, mental health history, lifestyle factors and coping style.