The promotion of disability awareness in our workplaces and communities is vital in establishing a society where people with disability are valued and included. For much of history, people with disability have experienced discrimination and stigma, often primarily associated with society’s misconceptions about their ability.


This disability awareness training program seeks to challenge the ingrained cultural and attitudinal barriers that perpetuate this discrimination and provides participants with a general overview of the legislative framework which supports the inclusion of people with disability in Australia.

The training consists of four modules with module ending with a short quiz to allow participants to demonstrate their understanding.  The disability awareness face to face training takes an average of 2 Hours minutes to complete.


Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the legislative framework which supports people with disability in Australia
  • Demonstrate an awareness of the barriers, both environmental and attitudinal, experienced by people with disability and identify ways in which these barriers may be overcome
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concept of disability, both practically and theoretically
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the lived experience of people with disability in Australia, particularly in relation to discrimination
  • Demonstrate an understanding of inclusive language and communication principles


Module 1 – What is disability?

Module 2 – Let’s talk about disability

Module 3 – Legislation & Policy

Module 4 – Disability in the Community