Cognexity offers a specialised program for managing key areas of Gender Equity, Cultural Sensitivity, Acceptance and Awareness of Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the workplace using Hogan’s Leadership Forecast Series which includes four development-focused reports. Hogan Assessment Systems are world class instruments that identify development opportunities, strengths, shortcomings, blind spots and hidden talents. They have been used by Global and Australian organisations and are recognised within academia as being valid and reliable measures of personality.


The One on One Mentoring Program utilises a Professional Development Framework with builds on Individuals keys areas to prepare them for future leadership development. The Cognexity Leadership Series offers a better approach in dealing with areas of personal focus and improvement regarding characteristics, competencies, and values that underlie how a leader approaches work, leadership, and interaction with others in the workplace. + The Potential Report provides insight regarding how others describe a person / leader’s day-to-day approach to work and leadership. + The Challenge Report highlights stress- or complacency-induced response tendencies capable of impeding a leader’s performance. + The Values Report helps a leader understand the work-related motivators and values that likely influence a leadership style. + The Coaching Report offers a high-level summary of a leader’s performance strengths, values, and performance challenges and provides a template for development planning.